Raytracing without Background

I was wondering if there is anyway to raytrace something with a reflection and not have the background world color or image show up on the raytracing. Basically just have the objects in the scene reflect upon each other.

sure. build a simple environment which completely surrounds your scene, or use an environment map to fake a reflected environment.

jim ww

I don’t happen to use raytracing much, but I expect that you can get what you want if you render to a PNG or TGA file; select Premul; and have absolutely nothing in the background. The resulting output file should have a completely transparent background.

just dont render with sky, use premul or key.

Maybe I should have clarified a little bit. I understand how to not render the background and have it show up in the final product, I was wondering about the single reflective object. I was wondering how to have that object reflect only objects and not have the background show up in the reflection.