Razeeman's Sketchbook

Always been interested in CG and started to learn Blender recently. Don’t know if it is my thing or not. I guess we’ll see :slight_smile:
Critique is welcomed.

Latest project:

Doing lowpoly mostly because it is fast and not very hardware dependable. Inspired by PigArt’s videos on youtube.

More lowpoly.

This one was for the contest with the “Music” theme.

Sketching some ideas.

Spent too much time on this one.

Love the lighting and mood in the lowpoly scenes, my favorite one regarding these aspects are the fire and the nighttime in post #2, from a modeling and concept standpoint I like the cliff one very much. The only thing that bugs me with the road scene is the lighting cube behind the trees, it distracts from the subject quite a bit, you could just make that invisible to the camera.
The bootle piece looks a bit lifeless imo, since half of it covered with this empty underwater part, either you might rotate it a bit upwards or fill the water a bit more, also with some subtle color variance. I also recommend to remove the decimate mod from the bottle and just give it a simple subsurf, since the refractions and reflections get a bit screwed up with all these triangles.
You definitely have a great sense for color and mood. And damn, this drop the bass idea is ridiculous (in a positive way) :smiley:
Go on, give us more please !

Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Lighting cube in the road scene supposed to be the bright full moon shining trough the rain clouds. Vertical planes coming down from the clouds supposed to be the rain. It doesn’t read that well as I hoped :smiley:
Good point on the bottle scene. It is lifeless indeed. After you pointed out it is so obvious that underwater part takes a huge part of the scene and it’s just nothing there. I was hoping to create a contrast between dark clouds, bright sky/sun and dark ocean. But to do that the sky needs to be brighter and the sun behind the bottle needs to stand out more. As for the decimate I’m afraid that without it smooth bottle would look weird in a kind-of-a-lowpoly scene. May be I just like this distorted reflections and shapes :slight_smile:

By the way looked through your sketchbook. Awesome sculpts you have there! :smiley:

The ship model from the previous scene.

Quick scene with the same model.

Some magic stuff.

Learning hard surface subdivision modeling.

Still learning hardsurface subdivision modeling. Topology is tough but fun though. Finally finished this microscope, learned a lot in the process. This was just a modeling study and because of that it basically doesn’t have any background. More realistic scene would be cool but my computer is really old and might die if pushed too hard with heavy rendering. Now onto new projects. Yey excitement :smiley:

Lowpoly wireframe, clay render and clean render.

Pelican case. Great modeling exercise. Harder than I thought it would be. This is a slightly modified version of the pelican case 1600.

From the back.


And clay render.

Your hard surface modeling is looking awesome.

@Ryeath Thank you for your kind words.

Really like the case and the microscope! Good, clean modelling - a simple studio setup might do them more justice instead of the blue circle background, though.

@Stubby Tyrant
Thank you for the advice. Definitely going to try different setup next time. Will be great to to compare.

Good thing I pick one of them easy ones (so I thought) aeroplane engines and not the crazy complex automobile engine. So this is a radial aeroplane engine. Slightly modified version of a Sirius7 FR7-420 4-Stroke engine.

Clay renders.

Another model. This time it is a hexapod HPX1000-MECA. I wonder if copying one-to-one real objects is any good. May be next time I’ll try to model something more or less original based on references.