Hello folks,

this is my last work.


Please, estimate my work. :smiley:


Really paintistic. I like your style. Those eyes are just perfect.

Absolutely incredible.

My only real crit is, that the skin looks more like rough stone surface. It’s very lovely texture none the less.
I love the lighting.

I agree with Hippie about the stone look (at least around the eyes). . .but otherwise this blew me away! It’s quite amazing!

One of the best images posted here in a while, IMO.


Is this Blender Internal or Yafray ?

Can we have a Make Of ?

– Rui –

Wow, that’s incredible. :o

I don’t think I have any crits, except the eyes are kind of creepy-looking, with that blank, black stare. Nice job.

hey, this is cool! good shader, but my favourite: the nose :slight_smile:

Really nice. Excellent base shader.


id love to see a wire

really rellay nice… i’d like to see the wire too :smiley:

Great modeling and shader! My only crit is that the Voronoi Crackle texture is too obvious near the top of the head (unless it’s meant to look like that).

…and that’s the creepiest baby I’ve ever seen…

Looks really good. Great lighting and texturing. I’m curious though, how much is procedural and how much is actual texturing?

Any chance of a wire?

That’s a faked subsurfaced-scattering. nice. 8)

Nice job. Nice shader. Nice SSS, Nice…

I’d like to see that with different lighting, just to see it.

Very good work. I hope to learn how to skin some day, like yours.

thats awsome great work!!!

Thanks everyone for comments.:smiley:

Model was made in Blender and Wings3d, render - Blender, postprocess - Gimp.

Here is a wire: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/2245/wire5pj.jpg

I can not believe I’m actually posting smt “negative” here.
Did you notice the jagged edges on the side of the eyes?
Also, the mouth.
trying to think what’s wrong here.
But it doesn’t really look like a mouth.

Apart from that, impressive!
Like the SSS.

lol who cares about the mouth, those eyes are amazing :o :o

That’s a faked subsurfaced-scattering. nice.[/quote]

No, I don’t mean that. I mean “it’s easy to tell it’s a Voronoi Crackle texture” :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, the faked SSS looks quite nice.