Needs some more work. Constructive C&C welcomed :slight_smile:


something about it makes it look plastic to me… perhaps the edged are to rounded? dunno.

looks cool, how did you make the letters in that way, stands out really well.


C&C is here:

Make the specularity harder, and you might want to use the Blinn shader.

Go into face select mode, then press U and then press Cube Projection in top view. Then go to the Material Buttons, and then press the Tangent button.

Here’s some mroe info:

Also, try making the specularity color a little bit blue, but not that much.

The latin letters? or the Japanese kanji?
The letters is a “picture” of the text mapped using UV coordinates turning on the color and bumpmap. The Japanese is done with nodes: the text is on a different scene and compositor nodes are used to postprocess the text [translate to right location and to giving the right colors].

Cool image, man. Can we get a little blood?

I was hoping that the red Japanese kanji [“death”] would be enough and I don’t have to make any real blood like additions.

I suffered a lot to make the tangent thing work [I kept hitting the wrong button in the wrong place (in the texture)] :o

But here is what I got with a some tangent specs on it now:

Maybe you want to brush the material a bit. That also could improve the metallic look of your object.

GL and greetz, Fritz.

After some tweaking.


it is getting better and better. Looks pretty nice

Kiitos :slight_smile:
Any suggestions how to make it more real?