Aesthetic question.

Written a novel, now practicing the visual aspect of it. For some reason, somewhere along the line, the concept of ‘razorpunk’ popped into my head.

So I guess the question is, what does the term ‘razorpunk’ communicate to you?

Yeh, you asked wrong.
First you fill the reader with all kind of imagery and a bias and in the end you ask the question.
Now I can’t give you an unspoiled answer anymore.

Yes. I agree with arexma. I’ll add: You sort of have to let the reader create the genre. You create a unique world. People will name it what they will. You can name it what you like, but I wouldn’t try to create a genre name and market it as such. Nobody knows what Razor punk is. And really, your book isn’t about being called Razor punk. It is about the characters. No, I would not ask this question.

Thank you 3dmedieval. That makes sense.

Sorry, arexma.

Since I skimmed your first post, I think razorpunk has merit and could well find a niche in the wonderful world of book. Look forward to your first chapter - I hope you will share it here at some stage.

Nothing to apologize for. Sadly it’s just your loss. Maybe edit your first post and simply see what people associate with the term “Razorpunk” - then again, every post in the thread will bias the next poster.

Currently it’s a bit like your wife saying “I’d absolutely love us to visit my parents this weekend. What do you want to do, that or go fishing?” :wink:

@arexma: Edited first post. Let’s see what I get.

@kbot: I never thought about sharing writing here. Ha.