RazvanGabriel sketchbook

I’m trying to develop my skills in 3d modeling and I thought I’d start with lo-poly models. And I think it’s a good thing to view my progression along the time. Feel free to critique my work.

Here’s my first one. I had a charger on my desktop and I thought this would be a good simple item to start with.


AO with wireframe

A little low-poly waterfall using Displace modifier.
time: little over 30 mins.
verts 689;

I want to change a bit of furniture in my room and I wanted to check before I buy. So I modeled my room with the current furniture. And I plan on creating some pieces of furniture that I want to put instead of what I have now. I considered this more of an exercise on modeling.

Panoramic view from the door.

Top down view.

Here’s a little sword. Nothing too fancy. All it needs is some texture that I’ll be doing in a little while and post it here.

Fresh out of the oven, the Magnum gun from Halo.
It took a bit more than it should to make but I learned a lot.
Feel free to critique.

Neat! Howabout a wireframe on the Halo maggie?

And here is the wireframe. Thanks to blender 2.7 devs for wireframe modifier. It’s a lot easier than it was before.

I’m interested to see your progression as time goes on. Just based on your first and last posts, you’ve already made gains in your modeling skills. Subscribed. :slight_smile:

Re-opened at OP request

Firstly I want to thank you @Fweeb for reopening this thread. Secondly I want to say I’m back from a very long pause.
And here is a render with 2 objects that may or may not be part of something bigger. Don’t know yet the final objective, I just want to make these objects mainly for training and you are free to offer critique on these renders.

Here’s to a new awesome year for every Blender artist here on the forums. Cheers!

Eventually I made a small isometric low-poly scene at a gas station. Tell me what you think.


I think it looks pretty good…If I should say something it will be…Play a little with the colors…:slight_smile:

In Node Editor…Just mix Diffuse with a Glossy and add a Layer weight to the Fac in the Mix.

It’s a nice overview shot…A few shot from the ground will be cool too…:slight_smile:

A 24 mm or maybe a Fisheye…Puff Puff