Hi all,

Original concept and model I made for -OYK games-. This prototype idea is to have cool shapes and keep the modularity, in fact the robot is composed by several exchangeable parts, such as weapons, reactors, cockpit, legs and arms.

100% blender, filmic color management is amazing.

more images here:


Well done, sir!

Awesome work mister!:RocknRoll:

I don’t know much about robots, but this one is badass! I see it can also fly?!?!?!? well done!

Great model. Looks more like an exoskeleton than a robot.
Concept reminds me of “Titan Fall”

  • Maybe the main guns could be a little more practical.

With such a poor ammunition supply system (one magazine) it’s “main” guns will not last long , because it has no way to reload it - you might as well give him a hammer.

  • Rocket launchers are “bad ass” - well done.

Good job

Amazing as usual. I saw the thumbnail and said “oooh that’s nice”

Then I click the thread and say

“Oh, of course it’s Max”

Top-notch modeling work!

As a concept art, though, can you post more shots to convince viewers how this robot can squat (an essential pose for any battle)? :slight_smile:

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thankyou guys :slight_smile:

I love it! I can’t see it bending it’s legs very well though. Other than that, 10/10 my dood.

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Apple seed! wicked mech dude

That looks awesome!

Can you upload a wireframe if it’s not too much to ask?

Yes i like it very much. The modelling skills and the practical modular design are evident in the image.

The best bit about it is the presentation; a kind of morph between illustrative line work and pure emotional power. An abstracted blue print with the ferocity of photorealism. Its really hard to do convincingly.

Absolutely Brilliant


thankyou again guys!

Here is the wireframe :smiley:

5 stars…as always :smiley:

Amazing. I like it. I am an artist and love to do painting and always appreciate the art … Your is also wonderful

WOW! Really cool model :smiley:

Such mad respect for this kind of hard surface modeling that’s packed with detail! the stance and silhouette are spot on too.

Very nice mechin, even very close attention to modelling details, I couldn’t wait to see textured rig and render in a scene, but the one you have near the top does not do it justice please take a more dramatic camera angle and add dust, smoldering explosions in the background. ��

Maybe even pic it up a notch throw some dirt on the shader, and ballistic contusion on the armour with some simple sculpting.

Your modeling skills are top notch. Great model. The detail just blows my mind.