RBDLab Addon for fracturing objects and simulations

RBDLab is a new addon to take full advantage of Blender physics. From fracturing objects to making them explode, adding smoke, debris or advanced use of constraints, RBDLab will allow you to do things in Blender that until now were practically impossible or in which you had to spend a huge amount of hours.

RBDLab has different option panels and a “linear” workflow, from Fracturing, Rigidbody, Constraints, Simulation, Particles… you will go through all the phases that a good RBD system requires.

It has advanced features such as, for example, the emission of particles only from the chunks that break, or “Acetone”, so you can deactivate Constraints as and when you want.

Some features from RBDLab:

  • easy and varied ways to make fractures
  • total control over your rigidbodies
  • easy creation and configuration of constraints
  • detail your simulations as much as possible, with debris, dust or smoke.
  • emits debris only from fractures that rupture.

you can get it here:


Hi! I’m Esteban, partner and co-creator of RBDLab with Zebus3d. We are very excited about the release of our Addon, which we have been working on for several months.

Please feel free to ask any questions and post your work in this thread, so we can all enjoy the possibilities offered by RBDLab.

We will be uploading weekly content and tutorials.

Greetings and destroy a lot!

Do you have any examples / videos of advance setup and use of the physics contraints in this add-on?

Sure, in the next days we will upload the creation of a complex scene.

Now a new “Sidewalk fracture” example.


A new Tutorial. Constraints with Acetone Tool.


Another example:

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A new tutorial, Chipping Tool!!

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Cool! Any developmental roadmap?

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Some advances for the future :

  • Control different constraints from the same panel

  • Particles interact with chunks

  • Performance enhancement panel

  • 2 fracture levels.

  • Random selector of constraints and isolation

  • Transform any object into “Acetone”.

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Sounds exciting. Looking forward to them!

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Internal Details for 1.1 version


An interesting thing would be having a secondary breaking of the fractured pieces. That’s to say a way to make the fractured pieces breaking to even more pieces when they fall to the floor (or when they collide with each other).

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Te last new stable version for RBDLab 1.1.0 is now available!!