RC car engine: T-15

After some time, where i couldn’t find anything to model, i’ve decided to model a RC engine, a HPI T-15, for offroad RC cars.
My aim is to make it look realistic. I’ve used approx. 3 hours so far. Most of them modeling the top-piece, where each ‘disc’ is hand-modeled (modified), because i couldn’t find any faster methods to model it. (e.g. Lattices - had some limits)

Here are some images of what i’ve modeled so far:
(clay render)
(started on some materials)

My reference images can be seen here:

Please feel free to comment, and give critiques, and notes of improvement.

And now for an update… I’ve been ill for a couple of days, so haven’t worked that much on it.

New clay render:

New render with materials:

Since last:
Side attachments put on
driveshaft put on
bearing put in
started modeling the carburetor
worked a little on materials (though not finished at all!)

Got some troubles, getting the “dirt” on the round thing to go away. It is smoothed, but i have made loop cuts at the ends of it. Anyone who has suggestions?


That modelling is phenominal ! Great job !!

Only some very minor crits (IMO)…

  • The Black material / texture looks a little like rubber, as opposed to any kind of metal - in fact, the whole thing when textured looks a bit rubbery, like it’s just a toy (although a very realistic one!!)

  • And the discs all have a very clean, finished edge to them. I’m not sure if this is entirely realistic, it would take a lot of labour to finish each disc off so cleanly / neatly. I think in reality the discs would probably be a little more jagged / dangerous to man-handle.

I certainly agree with bean about the rubbery feel the engine’s texture has, more spec. maybe?

Nearly finished… the materials still needs a little work…


it’s really superb mate, well done !

(i’m very jealous of your modelling)

Finally, another RC car fan! Nice modelling, did you use booleans for the carb? Since I use AutoCad, that is how I mostly made a picco engine. Are you going to model the pull start too or is it a bump start engine? Now you just need to model the car! how about a Savage? Just Kidding Nice work on the engine

Thx, Bean… =) i appreciate

Cad2Blender - Nope, didn’t model it using booleans… The booleans in Blender are awful - i tried them on the cooling-top-piece (dunno what it’s called in english) but it turned out pretty nasty…
I both have images for pull start and bump start, but i’ve not modeled the pull-start yet (as you can se :wink:

If i was going to model a car to it (as i’m not) it would be the Kyosho MP Inferno :wink: loove that car!