RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter is flying in the field.

Looks good! But on my taste u must to work with ur grass.

whats your reference pics?

The helicopter it self looks good, solid modeling. But the enviro needs work. It looks odd, the “ground” looks a bit like water, I dont know if this is intended, and the grass needs work, its too green. Some work with lightning and a bit of compositing would be good also.

The water look like an ocean, lot of waves and maybe the grass is too saturated of color, You can add something back like a playground of a park but I like the helicopter and the elise, the elise is too realistic.

Thanks all for your replies I am happy with that :).
You are right I think that too

I have references for the helicopter only the rest of the scene is from my imagination

@ @Radbes
I wanted to make it llok that the helicopter is too close to the ground that is filled with grass and flooded with water at some low ground areas

I think you are right I will try to lower the saturation of the grass color and the waves in water and see how it looks