rclick lclick rclick lclick, modeling question

I have a question about modeling in blender. I have used many modeling programs and I was wondering if any blender modeling gurus could tell me if I am missing something when tweaking points. My favorite modeling program for tweaking points is wings3d where you can hover the cursor over a point and then left click drag and release to move a point.

The closest I can find is to right click drag then either left click to finish or hit spacebar to finish moving the point. If I switch the default to “Select with Left mouse” then its left click, drag, left click.

So is there a way to quickly tweak points without all the clicking?

PS. Super cool blender modeling features:

  • Shift select the point, edge and face button in the 3dview header to be able to select and move them at the same time.
  • Alt rmb to select face loops and depending on how close you are to the edge determines the direction.
  • Kkey to face loop cut with the sliding edge rocks!!

There are some builds on blender.org that have a “tweak mode” – I haven’t tried them personally.