RDSP's Sketchbook

My models look horrible. This statement is undeniable. However, thanks for reading this anyways.

Hello and welcome to my sketchbook. These are some of my Blender creations.***

A bag. Really, I forgot how to model this. I added to it and rendered it in Cycles to make my avatar.

This is supposed to be a balloon. Simply, I scaled a sphere on the z-axis, added a cylinder shrunk down on the x and y-axes and added a plane underneath.


A cherry… you may have to zoom in. Just a scaled-downsphere and a scaled-down cylinder.

***Well, turns out there’s a 3-attatchment limit, so this shall be continued in the future.

Hi RDSP, on the balloon did you subsurf it. And what render did you use it almost looks like blender internal. Were you going for an un-transparent look for the balloon?

No, I didn’t subsurf it. Yes, I used the internal renderer. I was going for a semi-transparent look.

Don’t forget you can enable transparency :wink:

Hope that helped you.

I’ve known that… Thanks anyways!

Here’s what I did:

Here are some more creations:***

A king, as in the chess piece. This was made by spinning most of the model, then adding a sphere with a cross on top.


…At least an ATTEMPT at making a hamburger. I might have made it by taking two halves of a sphere and adding a shrunken sphere and a flat plane to the object.


A key. 1 cylinder, circle (filled) and 2 planes.

Thanks for the setting, that seems better. Do you have a screenshot of the new balloon?

Also on the key why don’t you extrude the face on the plane to make it more 3D?

Also I can’t see your hamburger and chess piece, can you re-upload them please?

The image of the settings was what I originally used. Really, I wasn’t thinking about the shape of the key at the time. I don’t know how the chess piece and hamburger images disappeared… I’ll re-upload them.

Don’t worry about reuploading, I can see them now :slight_smile:

Just a bit of critque, but I’m assuming the key was meant to be 3D, so it makes sense to extrude the plane and the circle. You can do this by going into edit mode and selecting faces then extrude along the z-axis.

Also, to get a more smooth spin shape on the chess piece, you can sub-divide the line by pressing ‘a’ to select the curve/line, then pressing ‘w’ a few time to subdivide.

I hope that helped and look forward to seeing some more doodles. Hope that helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. Before the post was made visible, I had re-uploaded the images. Don’t worry; more is to come.

I’ve noticed you haven’t posted in a while, have you made any more progress?

No, I haven’t posted in a while. Here are some more models that I have made:

A lamp. I took some advice and subdivided the object. The spinning seam is barely noticeable!


A thumbtack. I really forgot how I made this.***

My attempt at creating semi-realistic water. It takes FOREVER to render. Based off of this tutorial: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Creating_Basic_Seawater

***Hopefully, It doesn’t take me forever to post more (darn you, POV-Ray, Windows XP Mode and the like…)

My attempt at creating semi-realistic water. It takes FOREVER to render. Based off of this tutorial:

Oh very nice, can you attach the blend file for the water please. I must say blender internal should be faster than cycles for water.

Yes, it was in Blender Internal. Here’s the file:Water.blend (455 KB)