Re-Aligning the Scale Axis

I am trying to adjust the scale of a mesh that isn’t squarely aligned with the x,y, and z axis. I need to re-size in a direction that currently lies in between those axis.

Is there a way to re-align the x, y, and z axis to the selected geometry of a mesh? If not is there any other way to achieve what I’m trying to do?

in the toolbar under the 3d view theres a button which brings up a menu, you may choose either “normal”, “global”, “local”, or “view”.

normal: aligns the handlebars such that +Z points directly perpendicular and away from the selected face(s)

global: aligns the handlebars precisely along the global axis

local: aligns the handlebars with the rotation of the object

view: aligns the handlebars to your view (obviously) in which +Z is pointing at you, +Y is up, and +X is to the right. (works best in orthographic mode)

If i understand your question correctly, normal is your best bet.

tip: experiment. if what you just did isn’t what you want, use Ctrl+Z to undo, and try something else. i have learned a LOT from that.

hope that helps!

Ahh…that was it. Thanks blenderlogic, you have reinforced my trust in the best online community ever!