Re-Applying Existing animation

This seems stupid… but there must be an easy way of accomplishing this:

I have a simple animation in 2.5. But, I have to run a script that only works in 2.49.

I open my file in 2.49 to run the script – and of course, I lose my animation.

I want to bring this back into 2.5 now and somehow reapply the animation that I lost? (Does that make sense?)

There must be a way of doing it. The animation is on the same armature and bones. If I just delete it from my scene, and then append the mesh and armature in from the 2.49 scene, will I confuse Blender? Or will it just pick up where it (thinks) it left off?

Anyone know?

Well you could link it… Put your mesh and armature in a group and call it something… Go into 2.49 and then go to link, select the blender file and choose the group :slight_smile: