re: auto generated pm upon sign up.

Hi everyone

In the auto generated pm that you receive upon sign up, in part it speaks about not posting in the wrong thread/forum/sub forum, specifically support issues. I could not find a support thread that is actually appropriate. Does it exist? It is one of the main reasons I joined this forum. I believed there to be a support thread. So, consequently, I do not know where to post this question:

I have blender 2.41, the newest version is 2.42a, there appears that no update from this version to the other exists. So, Must I un-install and download the newer version and install it? again, I am sorry for posting in here.


there is, you just need to open up your eyes :wink:

Support forums -->

Forum overview -->

and welcome to !

ps. you can have as many Blender versions as you want on your computer, a tip is to go to Basics & Interface, where basic Blender question could be placed.

locked for obvious reasons.