Re constructing a Make Human?

Can someone tell me how to re construct a make human? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there better topology.

your not modeling my cobalt character are ya :wink:

nah dont worry if you are. i wont come down on you.

Ha ha ha I don’t think so?

Send me a link of your work and I will tell you if I am ha ha

okay. it was kind of a joke. but i didnt know you were new.:o

this is her and makehuman was used.

this is her and makehuman was used.[/QUOTE]

No no no, I’m not I just want to learn re-topo.:o

I tried the older version of Make Human I might try the new alpha.

200 views but no replies this forum is quite?

Is there a reason to make the high poly first and then the low res?

I need to import a high quality model and make it lower polygon :wink:

I can’t find anything on re making a person?

I found a tutorial!

The mesh is very sharp, I Sub-surfed it 3 times to smooth the shape. it was very sharp like the on in this photo.

this person is for a game

it is very slow I think I will try something else.