Re-creating something I have seen done a thousand times

Hi, I have just started using Blender, and am blown away by the results you can get, even for a complete beginner like me.
I have some 3D models I have done, but was wondering how to do something I have seen loads of times on TV/Adverts and films. I have thought about it, and realise I have no idea where to begin. I have tried to google for it, but can’t think of how to word it.

I basically want an animation of the 3D model I have done, growing from nothing through wireframe to a rendered, finished model.
You see it often in adverts for example, it starts with a 3D wireframe of a piston going up and down, then the scene tracks through the engine, then to the rest of the car and as the camera tracks through, the model builds up in to a completed and rendered model driving along a road.

Is there a technique? or a name for this type of technique that I can search for?

Quick and easy way is to animate object texture. One can make things materialize by key framing transparency.