(Re-designed) Cartoon Cube - WiP *First level demo*

Been a while since I was last here. Anyway, I’ve decided to make a simple cartoon style game to entertain, rather than to show off incredible graphics, Python/logic etc. I’ve been thinking about making a cartoony game, but never got round to it. So I’ve started work on a cartoon style game that’s simple and (hopefully) fun.

So, the game;

Name: Cartoon Cube (Probably change this later)

Type: Platformer

Description: As it suggests, a cartoon style cube platforming game. Basically you are a cartoon cube man in a cartoon world. You start off in your home world which acts as a tutorial type level. You then find yourself transported to some far off place. These levels will be out door cartoon style levels. I have decided to keep the player on the first level for a few more stages. Increasing the difficulty by adding more enemies etc.

Objective: Get to the end of the levels without dying. Basically there’s a health system (HP bar) and healing potions as you go about the levels. So, you loose health for being hit by enemies and get it back for collecting health potions.Simple.

Current Stage: So far I have the first level, which is short and has the basic elements of the game so the player can get used to it and get an understanding of the game. It includes a few enemies of two different strengths and styles, health potions and a point system in which you collect spinning yellow cubes for a point.

Development: <Starting work on the second level> I have decided to make the MP bar work in level 2 or 3, therefore adding some special attacks to defeat enemies. I have added new screens for when you die, fall off and complete the level, I think I’ll leave the pictures of the old cube for now, to act as a sort of guide through the game. I’m still not happy with the menu but I like to keep updating projects in short periods of time although I will make it nicer. There is now music and sound effects in the game which I think I’ll change depending on the level you are at.

I am always happy to have feedback, if there’s anything you think should be in the game like features, models, etc. feel free to say so

Hopefully these updates will separate the game from TheSambassador’s ‘Cube’ which I keep being told about :rolleyes:

Also, if you have looked at the blend, you may have noticed that the four armed enemy doesn’t collide with the character (empty). Which is why I have had to use cubes with the physics on and animate them going up and down. If anyone could shed light on why the character doesn’t process collisions with the arms, I would be very grateful

Controls: W,A,S,D to move and Space to jump


1. Screen 1, health has been depleted from enemy and I am about to collect a health potion (old character)

2. Screen 2, have just collected health potion (old character)

3. Screen 3, overview of the level

4. Screen 4, new character from the front, jumping

5. Screen 5, point system

and the .blend
Since the .blend takes such a long time to upload internally, I’ve uploaded the updated version here:
Cartoon Cube


Definately looks interesting. Are you planning on entering the game competition with this one??

Hi Mokazon,
Thanks for your comment, I had no plans to enter the competition at all, I don’t think I will. I’m sure there’s way better games in that competition anyhow. :slight_smile:

Oh, come on. Your game is pretty good so far. :slight_smile: If you are just using logic bricks, then you have a good chance at winning that catagory. Last year a game similar to yours won the logic bricks catagory. Also, you should use slowparent on the camera so that you can see around the sides of the cube, and it gives a more smooth feel to the game.

Hmm, maybe I’ll have a look at the competition, see what’s happening. Yes I am just using logic bricks as I don’t have enough knowledge of Python to make a game completely coded. The slowparent is a good idea, I forgot about that feature. Currently playing around with timings to get the best feel.

Also have the first level almost done, added a new enemy just need to make some music and sound effects. Simple level just to get the hang of the game and the way it works then the next levels will be more complex. :slight_smile:

Nice work, but I think I’ve seen this style before…?

You may have, but it wasn’t by me. I made this one up from nothing, not because I saw something like it. :slight_smile:

why did u use mega upload to make a download link? blender artists lets u upload files and theres no entering in words

Hi Moffboffjoe,
I did the link to the download before realising they had an internal up loader (Been a while since I was last here). The pictures are done directly and I’ll do the first level demo directly which will be very soon.

Nice staff athros,am newbie blender i want to start model.but dont have all the equip.dude you inspire [email protected]

It looks good but I would like to see some personalization of the cube, add some unique details to it to make it yours and to make it different from other games.

Racer X kayombo,
thanks very much, good luck with starting out and I hope it goes well for you.

Cyborg Dragon,
It’s a good idea but how much personalization can you put on a cube? I’ll play around before I put up the first level, which is very almost complete.

What I was meaning was this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1396635&postcount=17

Maybe try and make it look a bit more different? I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to encourage you to be a bit more original :wink:

Oh I see, haven’t seen that. Difficult to try and make something so simple and basic look a bit different, but I’ll do my best, thanks for pointing that out.

I just played it and it’s fun, died a few times, but got passed the first level. The textures and overall style goes well with the circus-style music, you seem to have some basic python skills even.

Cyborg Dragon,
Glad you liked it. The only Python I used was for the HP bar and that was from a tutorial. I have started to learn some GE Python, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Hey there!

I’m at work and haven’t really done anything more than just glance at the game, but it’s a good start!

As others have pointed out, it is somewhat similar to my cube game, but honestly, thinking up a “cartoon cube” and using a grid texture for the ground isn’t that revolutionary ;), and it’s easy to see how others could create something similar.

These games are cool to design because you don’t have to worry too much about modeling/texturing and can spend more time on designing fun gameplay! I look forward to seeing how your game goes!



Looks nice so far! =]

What I was meaning was this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/show...5&postcount=17

Maybe try and make it look a bit more different? I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to encourage you to be a bit more original

Lol also though of that game right away. xD

Your cube game is really nice, congrats. Mine will never be up at that standard and as everyone is saying, mine seems like a copy right now, so I’m changing the idea. I’m going to be changing the cube to an animated character, something interesting that goes with the cartoon style and I’ll be changing the textures and graphics so it sets itself apart.

Added a lot of updates, check first post. These include new character, new game play and new progression.
second level coming very soon