Re-Done Showreel

So this is my overall showreel of Blender. Main focus was modelling and some bit of animation. I didn’t include some work in this as it’s still work in progress such as my Short Film. The last showreel wasn’t as good as I hoped therefore I re-edited it and added more bits and bobs to the video.
Any suggestions on how I could improve my next showreel will be grearly appreciated. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Nice work, but your turnarounds seem to stop periodically for a frame or two. Seems to occur in most clips: the model moves smoothly, suddenly stops moving, then continues to move as if nothing had happened. It is distracting, I found myself looking for the stops rather than looking at the models.

Ahh yes, I hadn’t noticed that! well spotted! I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen next time. Cheers for the feedback! :slight_smile: