Re-Entry (UPDATED)

Hey everyone, this is my latest project which I have called ‘Re-Entry’. Made in Blender, with a few minor post-production changes in Photoshop CS3. Any Comments and Criticism would be much appreciated. I also intend to create an animation of this scene when I next get the chance.

UPDATE: Now with updated Earth based on comments given. Any further comments very welcome.

the meteor is awesoem but i think you left something out a bit on the earth, looks like a picture mapped to a sphere.

Cheers :slight_smile: yeh that is pretty much all the Earth is, I wasn’t sure how to improve it. Any suggestions would be great.

Any more comments from anyone?

I fully agree with Brados on this. There are two things that really look wrong:

  1. The earth texture seems to be a low resolution one
  2. The ground shouldn’t have any specularity

Take a look at this, , it may help :wink:

The specularity on the ground is the major issue I think, land shouldn’t have any, but it will be quite strong for sea areas.

Okay thanks for the feedback everyone, I have now updated it with a new Earth through the tutorial provided by KAHR-Alpha, so thanks :slight_smile: Any more feedback would be very welcome

This one looks really cool. Though wouldn’t a meteor start burning only when it enters the atmostphere? I don’t see one he’s supposedly entering.

That is a good point :stuck_out_tongue: I was going for artistic over realistic but I know what you mean.