Re-establish Ubuntu mount point?

Hi All,

I installed Windows 7, then Ubuntu, in that order, and had a dual boot system. It worked fine for a while then I messed something up in Windows so I re-installed Windows 7. Now my Ubuntu partition no longer shows up when I boot. It just goes right to Windows. I have re-run the Ubuntu installer and got to the point where I could see partitions. I do believe my Ubuntu is still there and fine, I just don’t know how to re-activate that Linux boot manager.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

Have you searched the ubuntu wiki/forums yet? I imagine this has happened to others. If you haven’t already register at the ubuntu forums, they are highly active.

Did the same thing.
Here’s what worked for me :

Download the ISO image of Boot-Repair

Use Unetbootin to create a bootable USB drive

Boot from the USB drive and it’s pretty much point and click

you have just erased the bootloader ( which is GRUB 2 ) in the MBR, search for a guide that you can follow for “installing GRUB2 with Ubuntu after Windows” or something like that.

@aomeoni: Thanks for the links. I tried the CD ISO and it worked. I clicked repair common mistakes and it restored my Grub2 boot loader.