RE: Game keypressing

Does anyone here knowhow to make it so that when you press and hold a key it triggers several animations.

For example say your making a fighting game you can block attacks just by pressing the B key on the keyboard.

Also is it possible to use that but make it so that you have to press the same key your opponet’s presses to block their attacks. I have this control scheme for the fighting system in the game I’m planning. So far I’m still drawing out the levels and characters. So I just have to do this little by little until I get it right.

I’m planning on four control schemes

1 fighting (super agillity being able to flip off walls run up and across
walls. Dodging system will be apply so that you need to hold down an extra button while still needing to press the same buttons as you opponet to dodge. And a well balanced offense and defense system.)

2 flying (Speed boosting, abillity to fight when flying but has different tatics than ground fighting. And abillity to dodging while flying

3 racing (fast, furious, and an all out no hold bar, anything goes kind of control)

4 dodging (same as the fighting controls but you have to hold down a button to make it work)

If any of you know howto do any of these four control schemes just post here or pm me.

P.S first before even thinking about starting the development of the game. I want to see how much action I can pack into one game before it starts to lag and to see how much I can do with logic bricks before moving on to python for more complex stuff.

P.S.S Had to move this from game resources to support and discussion.

If anyone plans on using this as a plan for their game I don’t mind as long as you give me credit for it.
I wonder if what people post on this forum about what their game is about. Other people steal their idea.