Re-Last 2.1.6

Thanks for the update!

I’ve set it up to use wacom stylus w/out pressing lmb/mmb/rmb by making the hotkey value the same as the icon left of the hotkey pull down menu. in other words if the icon is set to ctrl, I create a new hotkey ‘left ctrl’, and then hovering the stylus over the tablet works to adjust the parameter value. Seems to work great, just wondering if that is a good way to do it.

One quirk - If I delete an object, then create a new one and use re-last to adjust parameter (like on a cylinder), the deleted object is un-deleted and returns to the scene.

Yes, ctrl is a perfect hotkey for redo tool. But looks like it blocks all other hotkeys with ctrl key such as ctrl+Z. I’ll try to fix that for the next version.

It’s a known issue. I can fix it only for the next version of Blender which will include a new feature that allows to redo active operator without undoing it.

Toggling ‘Align to view’ on primitives on and off with Re-Last doesn’t work after the first time, whereas it does work using F6.
If you turn it on it will align to the current view, but if you toggle it off it doesn’t revert to its default position and turning it on again has no further effect either.

Also, I’m new to the addon, but is there a way to set up another key than ctrl/shift/alt or OS as a modifier key, as it is possible in your Pie Menu Editor? For example, I’d like to use Space or * (which I’ve remapped to my caps lock key) together with my scrollwheel.

I’ll fix this issue for the next version of Blender which will allow to use F6 feature in addons.

You can use Space as a custom hotkey. Press and hold down the hotkey and move the mouse to redo last action.
I’ll add mouse wheel support for custom hotkeys in the next version of the addon.

Great, thanks!

Hi. Great addon!!

Could it work with modifiers values?
Like array, subdivision, steps?
In the begining of the video you can see it.

Hi, thanks!
I’m going to add this feature.

Just bought it and it is great! +1 for making this work with modifiers.

This is a really helpful addon! Thanks a lot! I’m impatiently waiting for the next version to work with Bsurface and modifiers.

Also I hope that after update it will work with Hard Ops properly. I mean a feature to create a circle from verts (’‘Circle(E)’). Now Re-Last has a strange behavior

I also think you should send an information about this cool addon to those who purchased your previous addon Pie Menu Editor which is the best in my ranking. I found Re-Last accidentally while browsing Gumroad library.

Hi, we have to wait Blender 2.79. It has new cool features for addons.

Yes, it will work for all tools that support Operator panel (F6 hotkey).

Have just purchased this excellent add on. It appears different to videos not as many options in menus?? this video shoes v 1.1 and this is my version. Am I missing something?

Hi, please post some screenshot with the menus.

Hi Thanks. Two images uploaded. One for My Menu and one for the Menu shown in Video

Bought the tool on the promise on improvements in 2.79, and my positive experiences with pie menu editor :slight_smile: Good work!

I am having issues with almost all of the roaoao add-ons since 2.79 :frowning:
Re-last doesn’t want to record any actions, I’m getting this after a sphere add:

Thanks, please report other issues too.
I’m going to release the update in a couple of days.

Feature request: Show the hotkeys in the 3d view. Some of my Relast items have more than 3 properties/ hotkeys, can’t remember them all.

i brought that is really useful, may suggest of use ‘TAB’ or something else to cycling properties/ hotkeys, so you do not have to remember every time

Good Idea, will add some hotkey or pie menu to display all available hotkeys on screen.