Re-Last 2.1.6

With the rotate command open, (Edit mode or Object mod) With the key I assigned with re-last Can I do operations such as rotating the selected polygon or Object 90 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right?

Yes, you can. But in this case it’s better to check PME addon which allows to assign the key to custom operations.

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Hi, this is such a useful addon that makes Blender even faster to use. I was wondering if you have considered making a preset system for Re-Last? Maybe with the combination of PME to make an interface.

For instance, since all the properties are exposed with Re-Last maybe a way to set->save->load with hotkey.

Nice idea, will try to add some feature for this.

That would be great, thanks. :blush: First thing that comes to mind would be the bevel, switch between multiple segments to 1 segment instantly or switching between profile values… etc

Re-Last 2.1.6

What’s New:

  • Blender 2.93 Support

How to Update:

  • Open Edit > Preferences.
  • Go to the Add-Ons tab.
  • Click Install... button, navigate to the file you downloaded and install it.
  • Restart Blender.

@roaoao The Docs link over on Gumroad doesn’t work. Addon looks ingenious! But if possible, I’d like to read the docs before purchase.

Link in question: (referred to here).