Re-Last 2.1.8

Re-Last is an add-on that allows you to speed up your workflow by using the mouse or pen:



Very Big Like +1. This for Trunk > Perfect!!!

A way to make it work with pen ?

This version (1.0.0) supports only mouse wheel hotkeys. But I think I can add some custom hotkeys in the next version.
For example press & hold down a key and move the mouse or pen up/down.

It’s what we do on Speedflow in the modal, left and right.
Up/down is not user friendly.

Looks like it depends on what are you using. For me up/down is better when I use a pen and left/right - when I use a mouse.
I’ll add an option for this in the preferences.

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Cool! looking forward to the stylus version. I prefer up/down since its natural for (my) fingers to move that way when holding the stylus and I can get a larger range of movement than left right. But up/down/left/right option would be awesome.

This is incredible, you should charge more than you are lol

Man, two of the best addons for Blender are yours… you should be in Amsterdam working in the workflow project for 2.8!!!

This is so simple, so elegant, so useful!! Waiting for the new release!

Hi roaoao. Love the addon, great work!

Would it be possible to add a celing and floor value? Maybe even determine it automatically for drop down lists? If you take a look at this video clip, I’m using Re-Last with Looptools’s Relax.The iterations in Relax are provided in a dropdown and once I reach the max value, further scrolling with the mouse wheel, will go back to the lowest value.

Would it be possible to cap the value at the top and bottom for such a scenario, to avoid accidentally overshooting? When capped and once the top value is reached(25 in this case), further scrolling should not go back to 1. And in the same fashion, scrolling down beyond 1, should not go up to 25 either.

Thanks, MACHIN3, good suggestion. I’ll add some option to disable looping for drop down lists and check boxes in the next version which will be released next week.

Excellent, thanks!

Can you confirm/investigate that it’s not working properly with BSurfaces? I can set up all the things, but as soon as I want to change cross or flow using Re-Last, the surface vanishes.

Yes, unfortunately Re-Last doesn’t work with BSurfaces. I’ll try to fix it for the next version of Blender (to fix the issue I need to add some features to Blender).

I had time to test it :

Blender crash after using the wheel more than 2-4 steps…
I tried it with a new 1.0 installation and a clean 2.78a version.
Always the same!
Also the Doupleclick+MMB does not work, nothing pops up!
What to do?

For which command have you used the wheel?

To open that popup you need to press-release-press-and-hold-down MMB.

Hy roaoao,

i have a repeated crash when i using the Redo function
> Ctrl/Shift/Alt: it works shortly but crash blender after a while


!!! SOLVED !!! Thanks for fixing it…

What's new
  • You can move your mouse or pen to redo last action
  • Option to enable looping for check box and drop-down list values (disabled by default)
  • Bug fixes

How to update

  • Open User Preferences (ctrl+alt+U).
  • Go to the Add-Ons tab. 
  • Click 'Install from File' button, navigate to the file you downloaded and install it. 
  • Restart blender.

Nice !

You should talk in your video, it’s better to understand.

Yes, I’ll reupload some videos with the voice when I improve my English.

Terrific update, thanks a bunch!