RE: Memory usage and render layers

I plan to do a network render for a project at my school where they have GTX 750TI installed on each node, but i am finding that I am quickly approaching the 2GB available if I render the whole scene in one layer. However, each layer is well under 1.2GB.

Because layers rendered sequentially, I am assuming that only the assets assigned to the layer is sent to the GPU and provided that no one layer exceeds to resources available, I should be ok, right?

test it yourself by saving as a new file and putting in render layers.

I was doing a scene with 4 render layers and even though it was using 2 GB, at peak it went up to to 4.5 GB. So there is no guarantee, try using CPU as well.

Thanks for your input. I do not have a lot of time with this project so I appreciate your help.