Re-Mesh and Photorealism (Diffuse, Bump and Spec Maps)

So I normally do these kinda things myself… but I’m very busy with other projects.
I have a blend file with a model of a “GROB 120A” Airplane

I need re-meshing, some of the objects are in pretty rough shape… which will lead to doing uvs as well.
I have a basic diffuse/texture map… but i need development bump maps and spec maps minimum (and re development of diffuse map)… with the objective of photo realism.

I use this model a lot with my company ( ) so excessive vert count would be a no… due to render times and all.

I’m NOT looking for procedural maps (no node messes), I need actual files.
The model is rigged very basically with empties, so hopefully you can work around that.
I’m NOT looking for lighting set ups or environment maps.

Please include the following in your response:
-Link to previous work that’s relevant (your texture stuff)
-Your Price
-Your method of received payment
-Time Frame you require for project

For project delivery I required the blend file back with mesh changes and connected maps. Also require actual map files.

I’m pretty picky, so must be willing to do some back and forth before final delivery.

You will be paid upon acceptance/evaluation of final delivery.



I encourage low experience people to apply.


I could do that for you for $40. You could pay me using Paypal when you are happy with the results. My Skype name is glassdog5. Here is a sample of a plane I textured.