Re-Ordering Property Stack

If an object has more than one property, is it possible to re-order them?
Say you have 3 properties and you’d like that third one to be on top of the others… can you do it?

I’m only just getting into this but the answer is effectively yes, I think. There were posts a couple of weeks ago about accessing and listing properties, listing tuples inside lists etc. You probably know that you can list all the objects in a scene and then list properties that you extract from the objects. You can reverse the order of a list and you can ask for the len of a list, the number of items in it. I’m a bit vague atm but yeah sometimes you want to know that if you ask for item[0] or item[2] or whatever that it will be the one you want even if you can’t know what it’s value might be.

The bge api has stuff about lists and there’s a bunch of generic python tutorials that are also often handy for little tips about style and syntax that don’t get covered in blender docs.

Uh, I think he means reordering the order of object properties in the logic tab. No, there’s no way to move the properties around, I don’t think. You’ll just have to delete the existing property and make a new one if you want to change the order around.

LoL. I think you’re right. I might have frightened him away. Yeah, you’ve just got to do them over again. The should have little jiggers on them like bricks so you can arrange them in a pleasing manner. If had a heap of them and wanted to rearrange them and were worried about losing track of them you could do screen grab. LoL…

Hahahaha… I was wondering what the heck you were talking about. :slight_smile:
So it can’t be done. Thats what I thought.
It’s these little things that make me hope that the GE gets some new love from the Blender Foundation.
Thanks for the feed back!