Re-orienting local axis


is there a way to re-orient the local axes? I see that the object center can be moved, but I could not find any way to rotate the local axes aside of actually rotating the object mesh as well. I also could not find any snapping method to orient the local X, Y or Z to any edges or direction.

If the local axes could be re-oriented, it would be very easy to align objects then with Ctrl-C/Rotation

Could you please help?

Thanks, Tibor


There’s a script in object mode Object–>Scripts–>Axis Orientation Copy. You add an empty (which is just an axis) which you then rotate into the orientation you wish your objects axis to copy.

  1. Add empty.
  2. Rotate empty to desired orientation.
  3. In object mode select your mesh.
  4. Shift select the empty
  5. Run the script.
  6. You’ll notice (if you’ve switched axis display on) the axis of your object will copy the empty’s orientation without affecting the mesh.


If you are using the Blender 2.46rc1 build there is a new option in the view menu. Transform Orientation.

Rotate an object or select a face at the orientation you require and in the Transform Orientation panel click the desired radio button to set the angle of the widget. Then press Add and give the orientation a name.

In the Orientation list on the view header the new orientation will be listed.

ardee: Thank you for your method, it works fine.

robbur: I have downloaded the rc1, and the trick you described indeed allows me to set new orientations, but I could not find a way to make the local axes orientation match the new named orientation. Do you have any idea how to do that? My problem is that I need the local axes to be set on a per-object basis, for edge-snapping (here is the main problem thread: “Aligning two edges - your ideas”).

Thanks, Tibor

This thread details the development of the Transform orientation.
Transform Orientation thread

These are a few video’s of how it is used made by iaminnocent
Ttansform orientation in use