Re: Raytraced reflection

Hello there, I’m working in a scene where I must make a wine bottle reflect the environment around. But the problem arises when I enable reflection. It does not reflect at all. And when I increase the rayMir of the shader, the diffuse colour goes progressively dark with 100% having the surface totally devoid of diffuse.
Why is this happening? I’ve got ray tracing enabled. Is it a bug or have I unintentionally changed something but then again I’ve not changed any of the reflection settings apart from rayMir.

Thanking you,

Um… do you have anything in the scene for it to reflect? Are your normals pointing in the right direction (out)?

Hi there, thanks a lot for the reply. I tried flipping the normals when I found that that somehow I’ve given the Mir color to be black. I set it back to white and now it’s reflecting perfectly.

Thank you.