Re-rigging my sculpture, Mayor Issues.

Hello Blenderartists,
I did a sculpture for a school project, it includes two people.

But After I was done sculpting I got the idea to do a little animation including the sculpture,
but in order for this to work I had to rig my sculpture.
Luckely I still had the rigs I used for posing the base-mesh before I started sculpting.
However, if I try and apply this armature to this statue I get this weird problem:
Both the sculpture and the armature have there scale, loc, rot applied. and are positioned perfectly within the mesh. yet somehow it deforms/destroys my model in an awe full way. Automatic weights parenting isn’t the problem since when I try painting in the bones myself I get the same result.

I am at a loss, but I am no rigger so maybe one of you has an idea what needs to be done to be able to rig this sculpture properly?

Max Berends

If it’s just a quick animation you could just use shape keys instead for the poses and animate those. At least if you don’t get the rig working.

Your rig probably shouldn’t be in that position at 0 0 0. Try rotating it and moving it to a more standard position in object mode and then rotating and moving it again to fit the mesh in edit mode. That could be it.

Heya Cyaoeu, though the real aswer wasn’t in your reply you did give me the good idea :smiley: After positioning the basemesh I applyed the armature and moved on sculpting. but If I want to re-assign the armature I need to apply the pose as it’s ‘reset pose’ which basicly is the same as moving the armatur back to its original position but then in posemode instead of object mode :slight_smile: So thanks for giving me the insight! Problem solved.