RE-size/RE-map the output of generated node textures (transform 2d node)

Say I find a really good procedural texture and I need to create an overlay of the same texture that’s just translated down a little, to create a cascade effect; Most answers will direct me to the first node used to generator the texture IE, the noise texture. But in my case this is way back at the start of the node tree before all the effects are mixed in, which means I have to either group or duplicate the node tree.

In eevee, you can only have so many node groups before it breaks, and it’s really a terrible solution to have to multiply the complexity of an already complicated node tree by duplicating entire tree JUST so I can have a resized output.

I know for a fact you can do this in substance designer, just by using the ‘transform 2d node’ node. Is there anything like this in blender? How can I resize a texture at the END of it’s node tree?

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You can’t. You have to manipulate the coords driving the image texture.
Alternative 1: Bake an image texture and manipulate that.
Alternative 2: Use Cycles to bake the finished result as it can handle more complex setups.
Alternative 3: Use Substance Designer. If you have access to it, use it. It has way better tools than Blender, although you’re forced to output an image.