Re: Summer Glau model needs finishing

Hi guys. I need help finishing a model. Or, rather, the model’s been finished in the Cinema 4D program and it apparently needs to be retextured in Blender. This model was made by someone else, and I’ve got all the texture files, but I really don’t know what I’m doing.

This is a CGI model for Summer Glau for the project I’m working on. Here’s the face, apologies for the image but I’m actually not a CGI artist, I run a Fan Production:

And here’s the body:

I’ve got all the texture files that need to be applied to the entire model. Can anyone help me out?

im assuming u know how to use the interface
texture panel - new texture- image or movie- switch the mapping from generated to uv
im also assuming u imported it to blender from .obj
.obj preserves uv coordinates

Actually I know nothing. Not a CGI artist. If you check my profile, you’ll see I’m a production manager representing a fan project. It’s been imported to blender from a 3DS file.

I should add that I have most of the files as a Cinema 4D file (don’t have the program though this is how they were sent to me) and obviously I need to convert them to be visible in Blender. Anyone know how do this? I know you can use the COLLADA extension for this, but as I said I don’t actually have Cinema 4D so I can’t export the files as that format.