Re: texturing spotlights light fog

Hello there, I was wondering, if it is possible to affect the density of a spot lights light fog with a texture?

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do you mean it’s halo? I know you can texture the lighting but I’m not sure about the density of the halo… Have a play around and post if you find anything.

well 2 ways i guess

1 - you can add an object in front of the lamps with some holes in it
and locate it under the lamp

2 - you can go to the lamp panel and ad a texture to the lamp
so this will modulate the light output function of the selected texture

hope it helps

Hi there, Koontz, I’ve done a lot of fiddling in blender regarding this and I haven’t yet come across a method. Maybe there’s a workaround or some add on feature if it is possible.
RickyBlender, the first method that you’ve suggested gives ‘shafts’ of light. I’m looking for a method that changes the density of the halo. Like in: and in that, the ‘controlling fog density tutorial’.
And I’ve tried the second method and I don’t think it changes the density. Maybe I’m wrong there.

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you mean to have some fog in the scene

well you do have a fog feature in blender don’t know if that’s what your looking for !

check the wiki for this feature

the fog control should gie some control over it
now yo can always add some clouds too to give more tickness
depends on the effect you need too i guess
can you show a pic of what your looking for
might be easier to guide you here

hope it helps

Hi there, I’m not referring to fog. Though I didn’t know you can add texture to a fog! I don’t think I can post a direct link to the image I’m having in mind. I’ll give you the site and the place over there where you can get it. Though I’m afraid, you’ll have to be a member of it.
Do check it out.

not certain if you cana really control the fog density in blender

but there is another option in World settings for Fog or stars

and then you can control density depth where it starts

dont’ know may be this is what you need here !

but i must say that i never really use this feature before
but it’s available in blender

try it and you’ll see