Re:Texturing "The Maxx"

This is a “free” *.blend that was submitted some time ago by one of the members in this forum.

I was not allowed to go out on Sunday, so I basically tried to retexture this piece into something a bit more menancing as I am getting up with my gimp skills.


Did more work on the texturing - may increase the size of the textures later to put in more details. Got some blood splatters of a GIMP brush set off the 'net this is quite cool and I may use it more at some stage.


what kind of style are you going for a more cartoony style or realistic

Actually I was just opening a thread for the sake of it …joking.

Nah … I now intend to go for a realistic style that may be put up in the “best of … section” by the moderators … although I don’t expect this to happen as the mesh is done by someone else (bless his/her dear soul).

Hence I will slowly do up bits and pieces and show some close-ups as they occur.

Thanks for your post!

Close-up of “The Maxx”. Several break-throughs were made. I used “oldtree” a free materials setting to kind of tweak the output. Now I will think of putting “The Maxx” in a nicer background.

I really wanted to have the claw kind of crystal-glowing like - something of the sorts that one would expect the light sabres to be at, but no matter. This can be done at a later stage.