Re: the right size for a banner.

Hello there, my friends and I are designing a banner for our departments symposium and we were wondering what should be the right size of the digital version of the banner in pixels which is to be printed at, say 16*4 feet?
Is it dependent on the printers dpi? If so could you tell me the size in pixels for the most common printers?

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Open the banner in photoshop or some such thing.
Resize the picture to full size. Just tell photoshop you want it 48inches by 192 inches.
Now in the view selection, view image at pixel size or full size. This way you can see how it will look as printed. Does it look good? probably not.
You need to make it high res as possible and save it at full size if you want a good result.
Dont expect great results by enlarging your original to fit your banner size.

in all reality, banners aren’t looked at from 16" away like most pictures and screens. I’m not a printing expert, but you don’t need to use the 300 dpi rule of thumb for huge banner/billboard printing. Talk to your print shop though for the requirements. I know some banners here in town are printed at around 100 dpi - since they’re seen from such a distance.

I’d probably (have someone else) call whichever print shop we were planning on using and ask them what dpi they recommend/prefer and how this relates to the cost.

Unless, of course, there were hot womenfolk down there then I’d personally take it upon myself to go there in person (on company time) and attend to all the details.

Most of the banners I’ve ever seen looked like they were created by vector art or something like that–not a whole lot of jagged edges from pixels on them but YMMV.

Thanks a lot for replying. I think we’ll be calling up the print shop for the details

Thanking you,
The grateful poster design team.