Re-Topo Workflow Overview in Blender

Hey everyone,

here’s an overview of retopo workflow in blender. I had a lot of issues to sync the sound and video, at the end had to capture shorter sequences as to not get them out of sync too much. Also had some clipping at the end of each session.

It is what it is, hopefully someone will find it usefull.
I will share my startup.blend file in this thread later on.

Here’s the vid:

And here are the setup files for maya navigation.

  • This is the original maya preset I got from Rob Garlington. Included in the ZIP is a short info about this setup.
    Rob Garlington Maya Preset

This other file is a slightly tweaked Rob’s preset, some general settings and some hotkeys. It has all the add-ons enabled that you need to follow the video. Also the Modo Theme installed. Refer to Help in the above file :slight_smile:
void preset

Nice tutorial, and nice teme (is it modo-ish?)! :rolleyes:

thanks carozza, glad you found it useful. the theme … modo-it is :slight_smile:
i believe it’s made by Sean Olson

you can grab the theme here:

you can use the theme manager for this:

Here are the hotkey setups.

The original one I got from Rob Garlington, help file included.
Grab it here

My startup.blend, with slightly modified hotkeys from above, enabled add-ons I use in the vid, and the modo theme.
Grab it here

that has to be one of the most helpful tutorials I’ve seen in a while. It’s a great workflow that you’ve developed thanks for sharing!

I’d love to see this included in the featured videos gallery on

It really shows how well suited Blender is for this task.