Re-Unwrapping faces problem

I’m remodelling some faces at the corners of my already unwrapped and textured mesh, but some of the new faces won’t seem to unwrap.

I’ve checked normals, and tried pinning vertices around the faces I want unwrapped but they just don’t appear at all on the UV layout. On the other side of the mouth, roughly the same, 2 of the new faces unwrap but some others still don’t.

I’m lost now. Would be grateful if anyone can shed some light for me.

not sure its your answer but try to get rid of that ngon it will cause problems

That’s not an Ngon. That’s the hole in my UV that should have the faces I’m trying to unwrap in it…

Looks like the faces weren’t showing because I had selected ‘UV local view’. Don’t really understand what that does, but fixed the issue.

Edit: It seems the issue is with UV unwrapping while in Cycles mode. Doesn’t allow unwrapped uvs to be reassigned to the correct texture within the UV editor. Had to switch to BI then select texture in UV editor with new faces selected. Then could go back to Cycles.

This is a bug really. Will try to report soon.