Re --- What is the 'Form factor scales the inertia tensor' option?

I wanted to post on the thread below but it is closed.

I have tried everything. Form Factor is doing nothing. If I create a plane floor, then drop and/or apply Torque/AngularVelocity onto 2 cubes (to compare) that are either Rigid or Dynamic, there is no change. Also, the second poster in that thread explains an example, which, the Dynamic cubes do not rotate over - they drop and stay on their tips instead of falling over, therefore unable to see the roll over.

I really need this option because I’m trying to make Angular Velocity rotate a Rigid Body cube in my baby human’s joint at low speed (in case baby wants to raise arm slowwwly) and it stops after like 10 degrees because of gravity (laugh now). Upping the weight and/or margin works (not talking about da Form Factor issue), however then the leg drops slow like in low gravity (guess that’s why it had an easy time raising lol). Note I set the Margin high (best way), and it makes it harder to rotate, not tranlate, so, adding gravity by bricks no good.