Re:XXXVI - The Invasion

![ CZlzcAm1T1UFflDKV82vMhhkkP559aA6kT00ju.jpg]( CZlzcAm1T1UFflDKV82vMhhkkP559aA6kT00ju.jpg)
Guilherme Teres (I) - (Modeler, Texturizer, Writer, Programmer).
Eric Bergamo - (Modeler).
The world was invaded by aliens in search of water and an incredible genetic mutation caused by global warming, billions of people turned into “zombies.” Ecktor is the only one unaffected by the mutation, and tries to survive in the midst of such destruction.
History (Plot):

Year 2853, all inhabitants land completely preoccupied with global warming, until a scientist named Bruce Makilian, from Antarctica to the proof that all reports that the world was in complete and utter danger of becoming a great ball fire, cause excessive heating of the earth’s crust, was just myth. His proof was a mystical artifact that he found near the coast of Antarctica, which probably would have reached Earth’s surface around the year 1998, and the force of impact would have caused the erosion of large glaciers and kilometer. Although their research did not have enough arguments to convince the world population, the UN decided to announce to all that the fact was real and no one more run the risk of having their lives disrupted by global warming.
Year 3523, the world has ever unconcerned about global warming began to develop more robots and their search for new energy sources. The world increasingly modern and unconcerned with all the phenomena of nature, witnessed the most terrible disaster, the earth begins to overheat causing hundreds of genetic mutations in all beings, and in some humans, completely destroying the melanin contained in their bod263CPyprzDqqMj9RZ5-TrR1NSNhGn7kGtiygaJb5c5Pdyeqd5RrXkAm1T1UJx26BwcQne WaDGGaIDsUbzWlxtS.jpg[/IMG]ies, making them vulnerable to light, and the same neurons began to lose their effectiveness, and thus decreasing the ability to move.
Two months after the emergence of genetically mutated humans, the planet earth begins to be invaded by aliens and robots that are probably in search of water.
Scientist Bruce Makilian, was killed in front of his lab for hundreds of citizens who lost their relatives and relatives by mutation caused by global warming.
Ecktor his family had mutilated by aliens and now he fights for his survival.
Game Type:
FPS, Survival Horror, Thriller.

NOTE: The Youtube video is still processing, so the quality is horrible kid (240p).When you finish processing the Youtube video, the quality will improve (640p). I’m sorry…:evilgrin::evilgrin:

The plot seems very bland but we’ll see where it goes. Don’t know how seriously to take a game when they make a fake esrb label. The game video looks nice. Good luck!

It took me a while to actually realise you were shooting those people, a muzzle flash or some sounds would help.

Also, if you want to rate you game try out instead.

Small point, the ESRB rating icon is a trademark and thus cannot be used without permission.

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Sorry about the ESRB symbol …
As for the video:
I did not record sound because the quality was bad.
It is slow because of my recorder Desktop …
And I still put a “flash” the gun to shoot …

This is just a suggestion, and I know still in early dev, but the zombie mutants, or whatever they are could be a little harder to kill, and not wander aimlessly. A few different types of falling dead animations would help too. Instead of just laying down all doggy style. Is the scope functional?
The graphics look good, the HUD is nice and clean, and the story is unique. So I’ll give it a 3.5-5…

I have a health pack model you can have and use. You might need to retexture it though.

It is still an Alpha version … The zombies do not attack you, and only there (yet) a kind of zombie … The game itself will be repeated only a few zombies in the scene … Most movements with different …

Just remembering: The game was slow because of the recorder desktop use!

I can not use their models unless you’re on the team … Laughter … More thanks!

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