Reaching out

I don’t want a background…since the darkness pretty much covers emptyness, where he’s reaching out to, something, whatever is out there. He doesn’t need ears or a nose(not because I can’t make ears, I can’t, but even if I could). My first real attempt on a hand, which, apart from the flat handpalm, I think worked out pretty good.


Finally you post a finished work.

You seem to be progressing pretty fast, while its a little simple, it’s good for the first finished work i’ve seen from you.

I wanted to keep it simple, I’ve finally thrown away the idea of making anything fantastic within a short period of time… so I’m taking it easy and hope for progress on the way and if not… so be it, as long as I’m having fun doing it.

As someone wise said to me ‘art is the way the artist wants it to be’. If it looks fine to you don’t worry. Your art, you do it based on what you want and have fun.

I usually don’t base on what I want… in blender, partially, you have to… so that’s new… I think art is expressing an idea, or a feeling, and even though this is a really messed up doodle for more experienced users… I tried and feel the message is clear enough, and there’s still enough left blank for imagination.

No matter how experienced a Blender user is, I think we all know that even simple art can be appealing to look at. Just make your images the way you think you want them to be.

will do :stuck_out_tongue:

c’mon people, I know it’s finished but I still need c+c on how to improve things… for future works:P

The hand really lacks any animation - it just looks like a piece of bread carved into 5 fingers. Try to shape the hand a little more, so that it does look like it’s reaching out, stretching, doing something with more action/emotion to it.

I know it sucks;) but I think it’s okay for a first hand… but I’ll try(though in that case… it wouldn’t be a finished project yet:P

I didn’t say it sucks… just - that’s the thing I would try to work on to improve the overall vibe of the image.

okay, I’ll try:)

Very nice but it doesn’t look as smooth in full view as it is in miniview/thumbnail. I like the eyes very basic but I think it looks like and soft.

Crits are hands look too blocky and some weird shaping around the mouth where the smoothing needs to be increased.

Nice eyes too :wink:

EDIT: Hey we joined around the same time :slight_smile: I think you’re better though

I’m not better, I just start and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue: 99 out of a hundred times it’s just CTRL+X :stuck_out_tongue:

the facial expression makes it look like he’s allmost there intsead of desperatly reaching.

dunno what you want to bring us.


“the facial expression makes it look like he’s allmost there intsead of desperatly reaching.” what I want to bring you is exactly that, don’t you ever have the feeling you’re so close to something awesome, all excited, and it turns out completely the other way?

Actually it does look like the moment before the realisation that its a mirage. Good image imho and I dont need to mention the hand cause others have:)


what I was asking was weather you we’re trying to make him look relieved as in “ah, i’m there at last” or desperate as in “I though I was there but I was wrong and it just wont get closer”


dude, whatever like to think:) I don’t think I have the skill (yet) to make a convincing expression on a face… I can make a simple face and open and close his mouth:P I tried it by doing just that, but … alas, didn’t work out good enough;)