Reaction Audio Player

Another freebie for the inhabitants of Earth :slight_smile:

Reaction is a functional work of art created with Blender, Unity, and GIMP. Reaction is not your standard audio playback utility, I prefer to look at Reaction as if it were a wall painting that also functions as a stereo. Reaction is an audio player and playlist manager that supports the Ogg Vorbis file format.

Creating playlists from audio in various file locations is simple, you can have as many file browser windows and playlists open as you like. The majority of Reaction’s graphics were created with Blender, though several were created or edited with GIMP, the backgrounds are generated on the fly. Reaction is available for both Windows and OS X at the following link:

My hats off to the fine folks working on Unity, Blender and GIMP.

I have to say, a music player that doesn’t support MP3 or FLAC is going to have an uphill battle getting users.

You might be better off doing a skin for Foobar… but kudos for programming this.

It was really programmed for the love of art rather than to obtain a large audience. Unity is the engine behind Reaction and desktop builds only support ogg, but I’m thinking of doing a mobile version which should support mp3.

In regards to FLAC though, I read on the ogg website that ogg can be used as a container for FLAC, but I haven’t tested that out with Reaction.