Reaction diffusion / turing / organic patterns + Creation Tools

I’m launching my first product here. It’s a pack of 70+ reaction diffusion / turing / organic patterns (PNGs) and custom substance graphs to accompany you in creative work.

I’ve started making these in photoshop first, quickly realizing that it’s not going to work. I missed all the Substance’s generators and photoshop doesn’t even have the simple voronoi noises. I wanted to play with all of it and make it all much faster than just reiterating photoshop’s actions over and over again, so I built custom node graphs in Substance and then I decided to make this into a full featured pack.

Please check it out here and I’d love to hear your feedback


ChangingParameters3 ChangingParameters5


Cool patterns & beautiful renders. :+1:
I got the pack & will use with Tissue addon. :wink:

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