Reaction Test...

this is my second post on tests…
in this one prove how fast are ur reactions if u can reach more then (Turbo-Charged Cheatah) then ur reactions are really fast i reached (Bobing bobcat)
So i think there are some ppl who can do more then me…lets go to the Test now…
this ones better then Ten-Fast-Fingers:cool::eyebrowlift:

Man, I would be getting cheetah if my mouse wouldn’t double click =P I get get four .1 secs, and one 3 sec =P

I’ve gotten Bobcat so far.

Yeah, my best is still bobcat…

bobcat? that’s nothin…

you’re not really fast until you get “coked up squirrel” or “sugared 5-year-old”

Rocketing rabbit, yay!

nice reactions mine bad =X
i played 5 times and got bobbingcat
cant do more

rocketing rabbit, I think I could do better if i tried a couple more times.
edit Nope, that’s the highest I can get.

Yeah, I cannot get past Rocketing Rabbit either.

Hehe, so I’m quite slow but on this one attempt I fluke’d it big style. :eek:

I didn’t see anything move and the circled sheep didn’t show fully like it does in the picture until I’d hit the dart button. I hit it bang on 0.0 seconds!!! (Precognition at work)…

And then some Ying-Yang kicked in causing my last dart to be a 3-second fine. LMFAO!!!


Ya, I got a 0 once, but I’m so in tune to movement I always fall for that flinching sheep in the middle giving myself a fat 3.

I beat you PolygoneUK ^^
Sheep3 :smiley:

Well I know I’d be beaten on that attempt since I incurred a penalty :yes:. If you want to brag, you should note that I had three sheep times under 0.140 and one at exactly 0.200. If I hadn’t hit that damn 3-second penalty there’s every chance I could have maybe even reached the Cheetah level with that 0.0000 in the mix. :frowning:

I’ve done other attempts and can reach “Rocketing Rabbit” pretty often, but that damn Cheetah skill level… oooft that’s a hard nut to crack :no:

Yeah I got Rocketing Rabbit!

i cant get it
10 tries =X