READ FIRST: About the Games Forum

Hello and welcome to the Blender Game Engine WIPs and Demos Forum here at BlenderArtists! Please take a minute to review the posting guidelines for this forum before you post.

Please do not post projects here that were made for other engines. Volunteer requests for such projects should be posted to the Off-topic chat category, non-BGE works in progress should be posted to Works in Progress.

The Games forum is for posting information and content regarding your game projects. Simply put, this is the forum to go to when you want to show off. Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • My Game
  • Screenshots of My Game
  • New Game Demo
  • New Game Project

Threads not acceptable for this forum include:

  • How do I…?
  • New Tutorial
  • Free Models
  • Game project seeking team

If your game is finished, please post it in theFinished Games category.

Questions related to GE support and usage should be posted in the Game Engine Support and Discussion category, and tutorials or useful things of any kind should go to the Game Engine Resources category. Team projects should use the Team Projects category.

Also be sure to use the thread rating tool. If you especially liked a game, give it some stars!

Happy posting!