Read .ma files in blender?

I found this
free 3d model on cgtrader,
but the only issue that it’s in .ma file (Maya)
and I cannot import it into blender
I don’t use Maya.
I remember seeing this tool the converts it to blend but I forgot the name.
Thanks in advance.

You basically need to convert from .ma to .obj - I’m not aware of a converter that will convert to .blend. There are some online converters, I’ve had varying luck with them, but you can give them a try.
Here’s one:
There are a few more listed here:
I once had a Maya file I needed converted and none of the online converters would complete - I ended up asking on a Maya forum if someone would be kind enough to convert for me - they did.
Good luck!

If you share the file I could convert it for you. Obviously if you won’t get in trouble for sharing it.

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