READ THIS: Re-posting demos

Since we now have this spiffy new Games forum, a lot of you are taking advantage of the fact and re-posting games and demos. Normally such actions are discouraged, but in the interest of re-exposing games that were buried under questions before, and just for the fun of getting to show off your games again, we will temporarily allow you to re-post projects here. That said, don’t re-post really old stuff, and consider PMing myself or OTO to move an existing thread (be sure to include the link). Thanks for patronizing the new forums!

Ok i’ll stop reposting things

i know i posted my tron thing but i dont think i posted the breakout thing

No, you missed the point. In the interest of using the new forum, reposting is temporarily OK.

But then what is going to happen to the old threads? just stay in their existing forum or something?

You can also PM me or OTO and ask us to move an old thread instead, or you could include a link to the old one in the new one.