READ THIS! Stars in an animation render are terrible!

Stars are terrible in Blender. They are good for still images, but absolutely terrible for animations.
When I render a pan around of space (with stars), it turns out as just a jittery render of stars. It’s hard to explain. The stars don’t stay in the same place like they’re supposed to. They bounce around everywhere.
Has anyone found a solution? Or does anyone know why they are so jittery in animations?

CGI Master

P.S. (This is even weirder) I render an image of stars. And it’s fine. but THEN, i render a pan across of that image (on a plane) and it does the same jittery bouncing around stuff.

Yes, use real particles instead. The stars feature is useless.

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Yes…that is very frustrating. I just used a high res starfield image map and it worked okay. I’ll try the particle suggestion next to see how it looks.

Simple solution:

Add >> Uvsphere. Press ‘w’ then subdivide multi fractal a few times. Scale up to relevant size, add new material, activate Halo, then mess around with the halo size till it’s right. The ‘popping’, as you put it, is to do with the min dist of the stars, and the camera clipping them accordingly.

Also, if you want more variance to the stars, select your uvsphere again, go back into editmode, Then in the menu, go to select >> Random. Enter the percentage you want, then press P to seperate them and give them a slightly different material. Keep doing so till you have a nice assortment of stars.

Have fun, and remember to post in the correct place in future!

theoretic suggestion:
if you really want to use the original blender stars, you could also adjust them in an empty scene, render a full environment map from it and use it in your production scene.

[email protected]: Hey. Thanks a lot for that. It majorly helped.
However, there are still jitters in the stars.
I’m not using stars.
I used an icosphere (surrounding the camera).
I did the fractal subdividing thing.
It looks perfect.
I set the camera’s max dist to much farther than the icosphere.
And there are still jitters in animated renders.
It’s a lot better, but still not perfect.
I would like there to be absolutely no jitters.
Thanks so far.

atti: how would you do that?


Hmm interesting that you still get the jittering. What format are you outputting to? If I recall correctly, if you save as avi.jpg, it causes jittering, so maybe it affects some other formats too.

@MPL, why does everyone insist this is the wrong forum for discussion of anything("news AND discussion)…I liked they way you stated it,(especially when his handle is CGI master…how’s that name working out mr.stars) but I think this is a fine place to bring up issues with stars…
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I’ve seen the same jitters using a world texture of a high resolution starfield. As you pan the camera, the stars change brightness so they almost blink. It’s very annoying. I think that I did use jpegavi compression though. I’ll see what happens if I output uncompressed frames.

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back to constructive posts:

i just gave it a try an put it in a zip:

in the environment file you have a star scene and a cube in the middle. the cube has an environment texture. as soon as you render, the map gets created. you can save it afterwards (test.png).
i cracked up the resolution to 4k to have enough detail.

in the second scene (usagescene), you have to create a world-texture and map it to Hori using the “Tube” input method.

i dont know how it behaves when the camera moves etc. there may still be artifacts. if you don’t know how to do certain parts… ask google :slight_smile:
or post further questions if you’re desperate.

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Atti: Thanks for the file. I’m downloading it now and i’ll try it out. Thanks for all the help.


News and discussion about the news. Your topic is not news.

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Stars are terrible for still renders as well, you know. They suck, PERIOD.

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I’ve gotten some nice renders using the internal stars if you know how to set them. So no…they don’t SUCK period. Remember, art is in the eye of the beholder.

The subtitle says “Discuss Blender & news about Blender”, so no, you dont have
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