Reading Corner Experiment

I’ve been working on this project for quite some time. I posted it here and I’ve recieved some good feedback. I took it all, corrected most of the mistakes, and made some crucial changes to make everything more coherent. I rendered it again with 4000 samples and better lighting to get rid of the noise.
I used here some Poliigon textures and Chocofur materials. But most of things’ve been made by me based on some existing renders from the internet (references… duh).
The “experiment” is that I wanted to put some baroque furniture among modern stuff and in a modern space (concrete everywhere!). All that too see if completly different things in terms of style can create a harmonic interior. What do you think? Regarding this particular scene, of course.
Feedback is welcome!

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I love the scene overall (materials look great, especially the glass balls) but the empty frames on the wall are really bothering me. Why not put some sort of art in them?

Thanks! I saw similar empty frames on the internet and i thought it’s a good idea to fill up an empty wall without making the scene overloaded. Also, I personally think it adds some kind of mystery to the interior and to the people that could live there.

Fantastic work! I can see what J_the_Ninja is saying, but the textures are so rich in here, I don’t know if I agree entirely. This is one of my favorite interiors I’ve seen on the forum. Just wow! :smiley:

Thank you very much. It means a lot to me! :slight_smile:

I’ve just realized that I got featured on Poliigon’s social media. It’s been quite a while since I posted this project but it’s still a great feeling!

it looks great! I like the tone especially.
May I ask if you were to duplicate it how long would it take from scratch - just curious.

Hey. I’m really glad you like it!
I’m not sure considering that some of the models and few materials were ready to use assets (though I had to play with the materials most of the time) but I think that it’d take me about 6-10 hours. Stacking books on top of each other was a nightmare. If I only found a way to present how they look there… I hate the fact that I couldn’t show the bookshelf in a more appealing way. Also I had some troubles with making velvet on the couch look correct and modeling the curtains with mostly cloth simulation.

This is really good, really well lit and realistic. I’m working on an interrior scene as well but mine is only a fraction of where yours is… Ugh… I wish I could get results like this. Well if I could give one small critique, the only thing that really jumps out at me, and not by much, is that the pot that the plant is in looks a bit CG, maybe it’s a little too flat? I’m not sure. I do think it looks amazing though.

The plant looks great, this is an incredible scene.

Fantastic scene & lighting. And the secret camera shot is a naughty addition.

Wow, thank you all for your kind words! I’m really glad that you like it and such feedback only makes me want to create more works like this one.

Pretty amazing model. The texturing is great, and the fabric so realistic looking. The empty frames do have a sense of charm to them without making the scene complicated.

Man. This is the kind of quality work I aspire to do. Log homes are my medium, but thats the kind of quality im after

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Is the fancy wood carving on the sofa and the oval painting frames all done in geometry? Looks like it would have taken forever to do!

I really like what you’ve done, and I felt the empty frames were deliberate and achieved what you wanted to - i.e. not cluttering up the space.
Very inspiring!

I like this a lot, especially the glass balls and the carpet on the floor, very inspiring and beautiful implementation! :slight_smile:

Great work! Looks a lot like an AirBnb apartment I saw in Zurich, Switzerland :smiley:

gorgeous. great details too.