reading corner (yet another...)

I left this as a reference*white-lounge-library-Design.jpeg/
But I, though I can not justify it well, I think that this is not a photo, but a rendering and I chose it for the simplicity of composition and shapes of the objects themselves.
The chair, books and balls-pendulum Newton are taken by blenderswap

In the end I created this image with cycles ( with passes, renderlayer and pp only in Blender)
1000x1200 px, 500 samples, 20min

this is the same image without vfx and renderlayer the foreground

My objectives were:

  1. make an image similar to the picture reference
  2. interpret and improve

According to you how can I improve the result?

waiting for your comments and helpful suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello, the link to the reference image appears to be broken. Anyway, your work is very good, especially the render with vfx. Enjoyed the DOF.
You cogitate use some image as background (skydome, or environment image)? Maybe you have a gain in realism. This is the only note that I do now. Congratulations.

@ CCtrevis, tnx for the answer :slight_smile:
I fixed the link
In the world I have already used two file (hdri + jpg) with lightpath node

a little up

small changes to justify the point of view so low (toys = there was a child who was playing as a parent sitting reading and drinking)
I reduced the blur and underexposure of the foreground element.
“Clone Troopers” by hjmediastudios
“Newton’s Pendulum” by jgilhutton
“barcelona chair” by julioras3d
“Glass with fluid correct interface” by gregzaal
“collection of 400 Low Poly books” by irokrhus

humnnn… the link is still broken. Do you know ???

strange! I tried to connect with two different machines (win and mac) and with different browsers (opera, chrome, firefox). Mysteries of the web. Try this:


Hey… maybe you made a mistake or you really did an excellent job. This scenes are identical. The image you posted is a render, for sure. I don’t know which is your reference… :wink:

this is the reference (sorry… for mistakes)*white-lounge-library-Design.jpeg/

yeah. Your reference image is a rendering. I have no doubt about this. The carpet condemns the scene.
But, as I said before, there is a background image appearing on window, in your reference image, something that will enhance your scene.
Anyway you did a good job here.
And more, I believe your scene will look better than your reference.

Another note
Once you set your background image, I think you will have a gain to decrease the intensity of your outside lighting. You already have a lampshade on. Try this.

ok CCtrevis tnx for your suggestion